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Marooned Biker Scout
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Show us the Death Star II construction
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5-Jan-2023, 2:16 PM
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5-Jan-2023, 2:17 PM
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Marooned Biker Scout
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I’d love to see a series along the lines and style of Andor for the building of the Death Star II. The politics, fallout and uncertainty of the Imperials POV after losing their proud technological marvel to a bunch of plucky Rebels would be something to see, as they realise they now have to build a second Death Star, or perhaps already had and now needed to hasten its completion. And from Mon Mothma and the Rebel POV as well. The Rebel interactions with the Bothans, their network and their sacrifice. It would make for such an alluring concept.

Was anything written about this from fans before the EU, like with the popular Fall of the Republic story treatment on Anakin’s fall to the dark side by the highly talented John L Flynn?