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Dave Filoni Calls Disney+'s Ahsoka a ‘Religious Experience’ from Direct

Ahsoka star Rosario Dawson revealed that Dave Filoni had actually watched an episode of the upcoming show and commented on how “it was a religious experience.”

The lead actress mentioned that the episode was “already edited together,” and also stated that it had an emotional impact on Filoni and producer Carrie Beck:

“So, I will say this. I will probably get in trouble for saying this, but Dave [Filoni] saw one of the episodes already edited together, and he walked up, him and Carrie Beck, both, like, glossy-eyed, and he said to me that it was 'a religious experience.”

I hope Filoni means"a religious experience" in a good Ahsoka-meriting-her-own-live-action-series achievement type of way, and not simply continuing on from what we’ve already seen in the animated series and briefly in Mando & BOBF. It will be some feat to give Ahsoka a well crafted and compelling story in live action, as that is what many fans will be seeing her for the first time in, and also keeping the loyal animated fans content and interested too.

After Andor and 1st season Mandalorian, I yearn for more show of that quality and experience, and not so much the largely forgettable BOTB, Kenobi or even some parts of 2nd season Mando. Another high grade hit offering something different from before would be most welcome, and without the familiar characters or cameos that featured in 2nd season Mando, BOBF and Kenobi (outside of the Ghost crew and Thrawn).


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