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That guy with no name
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STAR WARS EPISODE IV - 2020 4K blu-ray Remastered (WIP)
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26-Dec-2022, 11:46 PM
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26-Dec-2022, 11:51 PM
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That guy with no name
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Fullmetaled said:

That guy with no name said:

Fullmetaled said:

I love it and it’s makes me wonder is there someone combining these kinds of fixes with the work adywan is doing with a new hope revisited hd when it eventually comes out with other changes he hasn’t thought of like with the radio drama audio your adding in your a new hope edit etc.

What do you mean? all the changes I’ve made Adywan has already done, and then some.

So this and your DEVASTATOR edition has the same audio and video changes as adywan a new hope revisited hd will have?

Obviously no this, but yes he has the same changes and more than the devastator edit. Just read his list man.