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HARRY POTTER: Revisited [Updates and Info]
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20-Dec-2022, 1:48 PM

So, the work on CoS Ultimate Edition is progressing nicely, although the task at hand is monumental.


-> Most Hogwarts Walls are changed from brown to gray, as in PoA and onwards.
-> The Whomping Willow is no longer in the Hogwarts Courtyard, but in the forests outside of Hogwarts as in PoA and onwards.
-> Tom Riddle Flashback is heavily altered, with new effects and colors to make it seem like a corrupted memory and more in style with what we see in HBP.
-> A ton of new establishing shots, made from ground up. Tons of effects work.
-> A new ending soundtrack (new soundmix).
-> New soundmixes throughout the film (new atmospheres). A lot more sinister atmosphere outside the castle walls (thunder, rain), complimenting the darker look and visual style of the film.
-> Almost all continuity errors are fixed (Whomping Willow, Hagrid’s Hut, Spells different sounds and colors, wall colors, night sky outside windows etc).

And so much more I can hardly remember half. Hoping to release before New Year’s Eve.

Also, all John Williams copy-paste soundtracks from SS/PS are replaced with new John Williams mixes of existing HP score. Like the dark Library Theme from Film I that’s overused. New sound pieces are existing and kept, to let the film have its own identity and musical style.