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Fantasia Special Edition 35mm Restoration 1.0 (released)
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14-Dec-2022, 8:31 PM

Class316, that sounds great! But a tiny request: Can you guys do a quick encode stretching the x to a 32:9 ar for my ultra-wide monitor, do more DNR than was done to the LotR/T2 4k releases, slather the image with alternating teal and yellow tints, and add frame rate mods/effects so it always appears like soap opera 120Hz refresh motion interpolation? I know you’ll say, “Couldn’t be happier to oblige with all that!” so I’ll give a thanks now ahead of time 😃

Just being silly of course. Wow, all you guys’ work here on OT with these Fantasia’s (TonyWDA’s thread too)… fascinating watching all these releases stepping higher and higher up the quality ladder, all the approaches…! Thanks so much for sharing not only the end results but the (telling the) steps!