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Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]
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10-Dec-2022, 1:12 AM

alastair said:

I’m not an editor, but as a viewer even this felt like it could have been 1 hour shorter. Many individual scenes just felt like they dragged a touch too long.

I agree with this.

I think you had a good idea intertwining the Boba and Mando storylines, as well as putting Mando in the beginning of the story and moving his reunion with Grogu to the end of the movie. Making this a Mandalorian Episode 3 is a good choice, too.

But I still think A LOT could be cut, really. Even entire scenes, like the “Holding Court” one, could be totally discarded in my opinion. The Boba Fett story unfortunately is too weak to sustain so many screentime (even in an edit that cut the fat like yours). This is Mando Episode 3 after all, so it shouldn’t be necessary for Boba to gain so much prominence, since he is not the protagonist of this story anymore in your edit. Besides that, to me Boba still seems to require Fennec’s approval on certain matters, instead of taking control of the situation, as we expected him to do from the start. And yes, he still talks a lot to a person who’s always been so quiet in the Star Wars lore.

Anyway, if you ever plan to make some kind of change to your edit in the future, my advice to you is this: make Djin be the real protagonist of this story, since Mando storyline is the strongest point of BOBF, and as for Boba, leave just what is really necessary for us to understand his arc. I like Boba and I care more for him than for Mando, but in the BOBF, less is more with him. Just my two cents.

Thank you so much for sharing your edit.