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Star Wars ROTJ Special Edition with JUST the Vader "Nooo" removed
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7-Dec-2022, 6:05 PM

LexX said:

StarkillerAG said:

If all you want removed is the “Noooo”, then you should probably track down the 2004 DVD version. Vader’s line was added to the movie for the 2011 Blu-ray release. There are some other changes in that version too, but none of them are as noticeable as Vader’s “Noooo”.

While this is true, I’d rather go with the 1997 Special Edition if the SE is what you want.

But there are way more changes introduced in the 2004 edition then there are in the 2011 version, so if the OP wants an experience that’s as close to the “official” version as possible, I think 2004 is the way to go. For example, Hayden doesn’t show up in the 1997 version, and given how much the OP seems to be an adherent to Lucas canon, that would probably be a big sticking point for them.