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Unusual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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5-Dec-2022, 1:39 PM

Anakin Starkiller said:

amobex said:

It’s hard to keep objectivity after a while. Here’s a test of the idea. Let me know what you think because I might just have to render out a V2.1 of my edit for this.



Wow, that is flawless! Where’d you get the line from?

Now to establish Jannah as Finn’s sister, something that would go a long way to explaining his instant connection to her. After meeting, he suddenly spends all his time with her as if he forgot Rose. Them being siblings makes sense given their shared backstory. The only issue is that it’s maybe a big contrived to just randomly stumble upon your long-lost sibling in an entire galaxy, but it’s not like SW hasn’t done that before. Then again, I suppose you could argue they’re “spiritually” siblings already because of their shared backstory. Maybe I’m overthinking things.

I do see the motivation in wanting to do that. I think where your train of thought is going though at the end is enough of a reason to explain the bond they share. They both are lost children, and that shared experience brings them together. Someone may have done this in their edit already, but I think it would be great if was more explicit that the story of Finn was what inspired Jannah’s group to abandon the First Order. It might add more to why Jannah and her people are eager to follow Finn into the fray.