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What changes would you make to the Prequels?
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27-Nov-2022, 8:55 PM
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27-Nov-2022, 9:02 PM
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I would have liked for them to have been more fun like the originals. To have more adventure and excitement and if they had to be political to focus on the slow seduction to evil of Anakin. Not on trades routes and taxation and trade federations and other absurd things. Maybe those need to exist in a great empire like Asimov, and i know Lucas was going back to them but its boring as hell.

Also maybe something on the Sith philosophy other than the desire to dominate and being pure evil. Like if Lucas made it more interesting than black and white. And the learn the darkside to save padme plot needs to be shot into a sun. It should be Anakin’s desire to master destiny, and bring order to chaos.

If we are talking rewrite of the Saga it should be Luke Lars. Like Vader isn’t going to look for Luke staying with his brother Owen.