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Star Wars Headcanons
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25-Nov-2022, 1:42 PM

Since I don’t like the way the Jedi are portrayed in Lucas’ Prequel Trilogy, then I don’t accept the Old Republic Era the way it was made in the post-1999 EU either, because the Jedi from the modern Old Republic Era are nothing but a copy and paste of Lucas’ Prequel Jedi. So, I created my own head-canon for the Old Republic Era, which rewrites a lot of stuff.
These are the major events:

  • The Tales of the Jedi comics happen. After the end of the comics, there are several millennia of peace and prosperity in the Republic, until 2000 BBY.
  • In 2000 BBY the Mandalorian Wars take place. The reasons of why the Mandalorian Wars happen are the same reasons of why they happened in the original Knights of the Old Republic lore, before The Old Republic MMO retconned everything. The major events of the Mandalorian Wars are the same that are described in the Knights of the Old Republic comics. However, Cassus Fett is replaced with a new character, as my Old Republic head-canon (just like my Prequel rewrite) respects Boba Fett’s pre-Prequel backstory, and so the Fett family doesn’t exist as such.
  • After the end of the Mandalorian Wars, Revan and Malak fall to the Dark Side, revive the Sith cult and unleash the Jedi Civil War. The following events are similar to those described in the first Knights of the Old Republic game. However, the Jedi are more similar to the Jedi from the Tales of the Jedi comics, and look nothing like the Jedi from Lucas’ Prequels. Apart from this, Revan and Malak’s story is similar to what’s depicted in the first KOTOR. So, we still have Bastila and the other characters, Malak is still defeated, Revan is still redeemed, etc.
  • After Revan’s redemption, the Republic continues to fight against the remnants of the New Sith Empire founded by Revan. The war goes on until 1000 BBY, when the Sith are definitively defeated in the Battle of Russan. However, a Sith survived the battle, and this Sith is Bane. So, after the defeat of the old Sith, Bane created the Rule of Two, established the use of the Darth title (which didn’t exist before him) and also established the red lightsaber rule for the Sith.

So, in my head-canon Palpatine and Vader are still Sith, but the Darth title and the red lightsaber rule were born with Bane. They didn’t exist before. Also, the Jedi Civil War and the New Sith Wars are merged into one single conflict.