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What changes would you make to the Prequels?
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24-Nov-2022, 10:39 PM
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Servii said:

This all sounds really good. As time has gone on, I’ve started to think that the whole Chosen One prophecy is a bit of a narrative crutch. Anakin’s fall would have been more compelling if, instead of being a child of prophecy, Anakin is shown distinguishing himself through his good deeds and heroic acts. As the war would go on, the people of the Republic would look to him more and more as their champion. He’d become this symbol of hope to the galaxy, all while the war continues to traumatize and wear away at him, until he finally snaps under the pressure of watching everything crumble around him.

At the same time there’s something very compelling to me about the one destined to save the galaxy literally doing the opposite and being ultimately responsible for plunging it into darkness when he refuses his destiny, only to then turn back and fulfill his destiny after 23 years of being a monster. It’s a complete subversion of the trope. Are there any other Chosen One’s in fiction that literally become Satan’s right hand for 23 years?

“…instead of being a child of prophecy, Anakin is shown distinguishing himself through his good deeds and heroic acts.” Both is better. It makes it more tragic that he falls. He’s this super powerful being (Anakin/Vader being distinguished as incredibly powerful even among the Jedi has been around since ESB; Yoda says so) born with the potential to save the entire galaxy and he doesn’t.

If you wanna make someone’s fall from grace tragic, emphasize lost potential. Emphasize what could’ve been. Take Walter White in Breaking Bad (which was done way better then Anakin into Vader). One of the reasons it’s so tragic IMO is because Walt was a genius and if hadn’t left Grey Matter (or refused Elliot’s offer to come back) his life could’ve been amazing and he could’ve made a positive impact on the world. Instead he becomes a drug kingpin and a monster who loses everything and ruined so many people’s lives. Setting up Anakin as this guy who’s destined to destroy the Sith and be the ultimate hero only for him to screw up and become an evil cyborg who hates everything? Brilliant.

Also, Darth Vader being the prodigal son of the Force itself is awesome.