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ANDOR - Disney+ Series - A General Discussion Thread
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24-Nov-2022, 6:09 AM

A small thing about this show that is actually such a big thing, is just how many parts there are. The breadth and scope of this thing is unrivaled in television on a logistical level. So many characters that won’t appear outside their respective arcs/settings, with no spoken name, get full beats in the storytelling and even written lines. It’s kind of insane when you think about it.

Shows are usually broken down between Series Regulars, Recurring Cast, and Guest Stars. The narrative structure necessitated by that is pretty consistent and easy to notice. A main ensemble will be relatively small, have some background constants, and will occasionally cross paths with a temporary presence for an episode or a few at a time. Even shows as big as GoT will often relegate the [collective] whims of ruled subjects (of which there are probably thousands in-story) to dialogue between main characters about them, or extras as set dressing - acting out a mob, attending an event, a large battle, etc. But they lack individual agency and are a homogenous whole outside recurring/guests as their ambassadors.

It’s almost subtle, but there are so many bit parts in Andor. Narkina 5’s prisoners, the troops in the garrison at Aldhani, the community on Ferrix. It communicates so much depth in the world here not just because Production Design Good™, but because the space is so filled with characters, not just extras. It’s a show full of Glup Shittos actually getting moments.

This wouldn’t be out of place in a two hour movie, but this is TV