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AOTC 35mm historical preservation (WIP) - scan complete, fully funded, entered final processing tweaking stage
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24-Nov-2022, 2:37 AM

Currently refining color calibration of scan data for the TPM Trailer A (Teaser).

Have colors quite close to matching the 35mm print viewed on D56 CRI 95 lightbox side by side. I believe the teaser trailer has a noticeably different color grading for many scenes than the final release print (don’t have one of those, but I remember the colors being a fair bit different on it, especially the reds and oranges). I have not yet looked at the main release trailer for TPM:

Sample frame in 4k from 6.5K scan of the trailer mentioned above (very close to looking what the actual 35mm Trailer print looks like, not absolutely exact but the color and saturation level are dialed in pretty close here) with initial direct side by side color calibration and zero DNR applied: