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A few reviews . . (film or TV)
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19-Nov-2022, 1:01 PM

Agatha - 2022 - 6/10

While this bears the look and feel of a short, the hour run time indicates a nominal feature.
An unnamed man (we find out in the credits, he is The Professor) wanders a junkyard.
A bum warns him to get out now. Now! Before it –– it’s too late.
The junkyard is a borderland between a city, or memory of a city, and a ruined landscape.
Our character attempts to bargain for his health.
That’s about as far as I’m willing to guess.
This mixes live action with animation with image jiggering, leaving the narrative vague.
For a three-person creative team, this is impressive and worth a watch if you have an hour.
English subs =