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He-Man episode "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" - on youtube (Released)
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17-Nov-2022, 10:12 AM

Class316 said:

Yes I noticed. Maybe I should have kept a shot of the palace at the end of the youtube footage. But then the transition might look worse unrestored palace then restored palace. Also, on the DVD the end of the sound of Orko disappearance shows up on the shot of the palace. Overall it’s not too bad. I was shocked with how well the transition worked out in the beginning.

Here is a VHS rip of that episode, 100% complete: Ray of Disappearance.m4v?dl=0

I didn’t use that footage as it looks rough, but you can compare how this is to mine.

Anyone is encouraged to improve this.

your files is gone from dropbox brother, can you please re-upload someway?