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Andor: The 7 Episode Cut (Released)
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15-Nov-2022, 11:26 PM
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16-Nov-2022, 12:38 AM
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Thanks for the review Solemn.Philosopher!

Solemn.Philosopher said:

Move all the Coruscant scenes to the end so that they all follow the “Coruscant: Capital of the Galaxy” shot. I am not sure how well that would play out as an ending though.

If I move ISB/Dedra’s introduction scene and Cyril’s Coruscant scene to the end, there wouldn’t be any other scenes to use as a buffer between Cassian and Luthren leaving Ferrix and them arriving on Aldhani. I’d have to move the Aldhani arrival to the beginning of episode 2 so there’s some level of buffer between both events. I’m not opposed to this idea, but my episode 2 edit is already so bloated as-is in runtime. I’m making some major changes to my episode 2 cut, so it’s possible I may do this.

I would definitely hold off on watching my episode 2 cut that’s currently up. I’m gonna be putting out a far better one here in the coming days.

Solemn.Philosopher said:

That being said, I still feel like much of the Coruscant and Mon Mothma stuff is mostly disconnected from the Andor storyline. Assuming it comes to together in the final two episodes, I wonder if a lot of the Coruscant scenes can be moved to the beginning of the fourth film (or maybe even its own film, which I mentioned earlier in the discussion).

I’d run into the same issue removing the Mon Mothma and ISB scenes throughout, especially during the preparation for the heist, since we’d have no other scenes to jump to other than Cassian’s. It would be really hard to cut all three days of the heist’s preparation into a single linear scene. I don’t even think a montage would quite work for that.