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Original Jurassic Park Trilogy 35mm Preservation Project
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6-Nov-2022, 2:27 AM
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6-Nov-2022, 2:36 AM
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It will be interesting to see what the colors end up like for JP on this project here.

I have a JP print in hand (which I am running another 4k project for, see other thread) and I can say that the earlier (nothing to do with the new 4k project this thread is about, talking about the original JP 35mm project done in HD) 1080P project versions 1 and 2 (assuming my copies didn’t get messed with and re-encoded in wrong colorspace or something and are the proper original files for the project) colors definitely do not match what I see on the print I have. There is definitely more saturation on the actual print (at least on the particular print I have access to at the moment) and the colors are a different tint, pretty noticeably so. I will also say that the colors are a bit different than I expected. The yellow and red on the jeep are not quite as ultra-saturated as I expected and the red is a touch different shade than expected, although a good bit moreso than on the 1080P original project files I have, and a lot of the vegetation isn’t a rich green but more of a bit kinda yellowish less greeny green (the old project has that too, just even a good deal moreso less saturated for the red on the truck and pink shirts and the green, while also not deep, rich greeny green, is tinted a different way and a bit different than what I see on the print on hand). I don’t know if the print I have on hand even has full richness or not. It seems decent, but I’m not sure it’s quite a week one print. But hard to say, I only did see JP in 35mm back in '93 and only digital ever since so I really don’t remember that sort of detail. After prints get shown a lot, they tend to lose a bit of contrast and saturation and the highlights and brights sometimes get more blown out and run together in a weird way, from what I recall from the 35mm projection days, when you’d often see quite a change from first week or showings to showings a month or two later if they never got a new print. Anyway, the one I have in hand, all the same, still might be richer and less faded than the one scanned for the 1080P project (assuming it’s not just the scanner used or the grading making the difference, which could be). Whatever the reason, the 1080P original project looks a bit dull and faded and with somewhat different tint to colors compared to the tiny bit of the 35mm print I have in hand I just peeked at. It’s really a fair amount different. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this print and it’s project end up comparing to mine as well as to the original 1080P project.

I compared on a D56 high CRI lightbox directly next to monitor showing the two earlier 1080P project scan .mkv files. Not sure if it is because the print they used was more faded out or maybe processed differently in the film lab or the way the scan got done or graded. The files almost have a look like they were made in P3 or something but treated like they were REC709 primaries sort of deal, but it might just be the particular print, the scanning or grading. (that said still all props to the original 1080P JP project, there’s a lot great about it!)