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JURASSIC PARK 35mm 4K scan + 35mm 4k scans of many trailers Mega Project including the rare Spiderman Twin Towers Teaser, Blade Runner, Pretty In Pink and numerous, some rare, others, see post (WIP - 6.5K scans of JP and trailers complete. Scan data now in hand! Funding of the project is a little past half-way now. Contributor only project for feature. I can't publicly distribute it. Small preservation project.)
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6-Nov-2022, 1:49 AM

I have the print in hand now and I can say that the earlier 1080P project versions 1 and 2 colors definitely do not match what I see on the print I have. There is definitely more saturation on the actual print (at least on the particular print I have access to at the moment) and the colors are a different tint, pretty noticeably so.
I compared on a D56 high CRI lightbox directly next to monitor showing the two earlier 1080P project scan .mkv files. Not sure if it is because the print they used was more faded out or maybe processed differently in the film lab or the way the scan got done or graded. (that said still all props to the original 1080P JP project!)