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AOTC 35mm historical preservation (WIP) - scan complete, fully funded, entered final processing tweaking stage
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4-Nov-2022, 8:55 PM

MonkeyLizard10 said:

Resilio link to the GrindyGrindhouse version of the complete reel1 (with built-in Minority Report trailer as well) put up in the donors group PM chain.

Kinda cool to see it even if it comes from such a rough bit of data! It is kinda neat. And kinda looks better, much better than expected from the rough sample source!

I guess the print has a bit more dust spots than I thought and a decent bit more white specks, otherwise it looks fantastic.

I really have no idea how close the colors, saturation and tonal curve are to correct here, probably gotta be somewhat off, won’t know until I get the print back to reference since I don’t really have any knowledge of how this scanner reacts and what sort of standard grading makes it true to print, so just guesses and only working from an 8bit ultra compressed mp4 that only had 1440 res across and since the image itself wasn’t side to side since the scan includes a lot of the perfs and borders so the actual image was built from even far less horizontal resolution than that.

That’s great to hear. Is there a thread on Wilrob’s site?