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Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)
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2-Nov-2022, 3:58 PM

I’m just waiting on Warner Bros. Discovery to resume the official HP extended editions. One that I’d really like to see is their own two-in-one cut of Deathly Hallows that includes both released and previously unseen footage.

Some of the scenes I want to see in particular are:
• Lupin asking Harry to be Teddy’s godfather
• Extended ‘Exodus’ montage that was featured in the trailers
• Additional footage of Scabior, which producer David Heyman said “was like watching Saw”
• In general, more Death Eather and battle footage
• Draco’s redemption, which everyone seems to be going crazy over 🙄
• Alternate death scene for Voldemort (Now this is a must! 😁)

And many, many more. There is so much footage that I can’t bring myself to list every single scene right now, but more footage is always a plus. 😎