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JURASSIC PARK 35mm 4K scan + 35mm 4k scans of many trailers Mega Project including the rare Spiderman Twin Towers Teaser, Blade Runner, Pretty In Pink and numerous, some rare, others, see post (WIP - 6.5K scans of JP and trailers complete. Scan data now in hand! Funding of the project is a little past half-way now. Contributor only project for feature. I can't publicly distribute it. Small preservation project.)
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2-Nov-2022, 3:25 AM

I have a project going to get to scan a US open matte 35mm print of Jurassic Park, scan needs to be done right away. As the other part of the dual project many trailers will also be scanned at 6.5K and made available to donors in higher quality compression than the general heavily compressed releases.

There are quite a few potential trailers. Between this stuff and the prior project currently being worked on it may take some time to finish this all. Donors can ask what trailers to give priority for scanning and processing and they will be done in order of donations+requests received. Trailer can include:

The Little Mermaid trailer - original U.S. 1989

Home Alone 2 trailer

the rare Carmen On Ice trailer - feat. Katerina Witt & Brian Boitano

Blade Runner trailer - LPP and not faded, early optical stereo only

Return Of The Jedi SE Trailer ‘D’

Cruel Intentions

the rare A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon trailer

Pretty In Pink - original trailer

The Lost World: Jurassic Park trailer

Bring It On trailer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer trailer

the rare Spider-Man 2002 Twin Towers Teaser trailer

Anchorman trailer

the rare Cool World trailer

Scans will be at 6.5K. Grading will be matched side by side display with a few selected frames from the various reels viewed under theatrical projection-like high CRI LED D56 lightbox conditions to hopefully get it to be extremely true in color tone, saturation and tonal curve to the 35mm print.

Project will have feature (trailers might not all get HDR) release in 2k and 4k SDR and 4k HDR (HDR will likely be mild and kept more theatrical-like) with two versions each (except for all the trailers that are not open matte), one being switching ratios open matte & 1.85:1 and one being all theatrical 1.85:1 and in both regular and ultra-suoer-high bitrate versions.

Audio will be both theatrical optical audio and Cinema DTS (for most to all stuff more recent than 1992).

Please respond here and DM me if interested in helping fund.
Project scanning/storage/backup cost: $1260 (actual true full cost will likely be considerably higher for this)
Current funding level: $978 = 78% funded

UPDATE: the project will now also include a scan of the main original trailer for Jurassic Park