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Darth Sadifous
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(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)
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28-Oct-2022, 10:22 PM

So I was eager to watch “Book Five” the most as the “present day” parts of The Book of Boba Fett is where I had the most issues with any disney plus series so far. Your fan edit is outstanding; I almost do to feel like I am watching the same content that was originally presented.

I loved how you restructured and repurposed some of the scenes throughout this chapter. You made the “mod squad” not eyeroll inducing and actually presented them as competant scouts in service of Boba’s interest. Another strength of the edit is how Boba starts out as already a sort of feudal lord respected by the townfolk and questioning whether he has choosen the right path by from transitioning from a Bounty Hunter to protector/crime boss from the very beginning. Boba is now assertive and a solid leader instead of being a dumbfounded fish out of water in his own series.

I also enjoyed how you removed some of the slapstick humor I did not think fit in a series about the most badass Bounty Hunter in the galaxy. Grogu not returning to Tatooine now was welcomed too and the Hutts were not missed at all. The intro of Black Krrsantan seemed so much more organic now and less convoluted, as well as all the Rancor material.Bravo! Great job; I cannot wait to watch the rest of the books in your series. May the force be with you!