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What changes would you make to the Prequels?
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Yoda doesn’t appear at all, but is talked about a lot, being a living legend with unknown current whereabouts. Obi-Wan is kind of a big deal in the Jedi order as he has been trained by Yoda himself. Anakin and Obi-Wan may actually only be supporting characters in this story to preserve the surprise reveals of the OT. Obi-Wan takes multiple apprentices during the prequel trilogy.

At least three decades separate the Clone Wars from the OT and it is actually the bad guys who start with the cloning, creating themselves an army of mutants of all shapes and sizes to combat the Republic and its Jedi. The Clone Wars is actually a series of conflicts, not just one war.

Cloning, especially for military purposes, is generally considered unethical. However, chancellor Palpatine shows a remarkable interest in the technology. Shortly after the discovery of his own DNA in a cloning laboratory on enemy territory – which proves to the Jedi he has been orchestrating the war all along – he manipulates most of the Republic military into turning against the Jedi and declares himself the Emperor. All (or nearly all) of the cloning facilities are however destroyed during this period. Palpatine’s possible Force-sensitivity is suggested, but is never confirmed.

Most of the antagonist figureheads – some of whom are Force-sensitive – are interested in the cloning technology as a means to achieve immortality. Others are however motivated mostly by ideology or greed.

The Jedi are not celibate monks and they don’t wear Tatooine hermit robes. Leia’s mother doesn’t die immediately after giving birth. No Boba Fett origin story and no Chewbacca. The Jedi are very much present throughout the prequels, but many of the main characters are not Force-users – there’s the military, politicians, and common people of many different trades and convictions. Bail Organa plays a prominent role.