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What changes would you make to the Prequels?
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26-Oct-2022, 6:49 PM
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What changes would you make to the Prequels movies?
For example i would make the Clones not being Boba Fett Clones and that Jango would not have any relationship with Boba i liked the original story of Boba Fett more with him being a Random Bounty Hunter with the name of Jaster Mereel

i would make Anakin more older i would look for actors who are more similar to Sebastian Shaw and Alec Guinness i like Hayden Christensen and Ewan Mcgregor but sometimes i feel like their versions of the characters dont look anything like the OT versions

Owen Lars would have a greater role in the Prequels it seems that he knew Anakin and Obi Wan too well and in Lucas Prequels he doesnt even know Anakin and Obi Wan that good with they almost practically strangers to him i would make Owen Lars to be a former Republic Soldier or something like that and be friends with Anakin and Obi Wan

the Empire will rule for more than 19 years in the OT Han Solo does not remember the Jedi believing them to be a Myth so they must have disappeared for more than 19 years ago in Lucas Prequels everyone knew the Jedi with them being authority figures

Tatooine would not be a special place and would not appear in my version of the Prequels that would not be the place where Anakin born it was just a Random Planet in the Galaxy

i probably wouldnt have created a Sith character like Dooku and Darth Maul the Clones would be the Main Villains and these would be more similar to the Yuuzhan Vong

Yoda would not be a Jedi Grand Master or a Warrior he would just be a Random Jedi who survived the Purge

Anakin would not be a Chosen One and he had a Father like anyone else he was just a powerful and smart Jedi

What changes you will make to the Prequels?