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(The Mandalorian+BoBF) The Way of Mandalore | A New Mandalore Movie Saga (v3 Release Out Now)
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24-Oct-2022, 11:51 AM

Book 3 Final Changes:

  • Added Intro Cards
  • Flipped direction of travel of opening scene. The original felt unnatural.
  • Extended an early shot of Grogu looking at Dune’s credit stack. The previous version cut away too fast and seemed like an oversight on my end.
  • Added a new shot of IG-11 pouring drinks to give Din a more reasonable amount of time to lower his blaster since that happens off screen.
  • Fixed an audio volume dip on a transition
  • Altered the Herzog death to be just slightly less visually abrupt but increased the intensity of the sound effects. We now hear the glass shatter and he is killed immediately after.
  • Extended a shot of Gideon in the standoff and extended Kuiils death soundtrack.
  • Fixed a couple small audio transitions
  • Changed a transition shot for the flamethrower entry
  • Re-made the soundtrack for Grogu stopping the flames
  • Re-organized the back and forth with Din and IG-11 during the healing scene. Added Din saying “I swore the creed”.
  • Added in ~3 minutes of Din and Cobb staying with the Tuskens overnight and scouting the Krayt Dragon. I had originally cut this scene for pacing, but upon rewatching it seemed odd that Din and Cobb went out to scout, met the Tuskens, and drove right back without ever actually scouting. I have heavily cut up and transformed this new 3 minute segment so it accomplishes just what we need in building tension and accomplishing their original goal without wrecking the pacing.
  • Unified Credits presentation with other films