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The game SCORN (reminiscent of Giger's ALIEN material)
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15-Oct-2022, 9:05 PM

I’m surprised there’s no thread for this game since ALIEN is rightfully a popular subject on this site. Here goes…

Surely some of you have bumped into this game in the past — such as seeing it as part of a “upcoming horror games for 2018” reel or similar — as it’s been in development for many years (passing its target completion dates over and over). For those who don’t know: Very generally, some designers and devs took H.R. Giger’s art(/style) along with some similar-feeling inspirations from other artists to make a full, living world. Have you ever looked at one of those strange paintings and thought, “It would be fascinating to see this brought to life as a place one could walk around in!” then here you go with such an interpretation, one that had a lot of work and thought put into it (Kickstarted 9-24-2017).

This “game” was fiiinally released just a couple of nights ago. I put game in quotes because a number of people who have played it refer to it more as an art piece than something an average gamer will find fulfilling (<-to put it diplomatically). I won’t comment on that debate; there’s plenty you can read and look up to yourself on Kickstarter, Steam, etc., so I’ll let most of that do the talking (and absolutely the debating as to whether this game, art piece, whathaveyou, lives up to what it should for all the time spent on it by the devs).

However, for cinefiles (into sci-fi) who’ve not heard of this title at all, watch a couple minutes from this cued-up point in this video/link. (Unless you watch for a good number of minute) It doesn’t really spoil anything, mostly just shows off how SCORN shines very nicely in many people’s eyes, is akin to some of the moments in almost everyone’s loved film ALIEN and/or some of that amazing 2D artwork ala certain paintings/illustrations…


Disclaimer: This post isn’t some plug that will earn me $ somehow, I’m not the maker of that video fishing for clicks, not a dev of the game, am absolutely not urging anyone to buy this game. I don’t have a rig that can play it so I haven’t even bought it! I just thought a look at this (cinematic) footage was on-subject enough to mention here for those interested, was worth a post. 😃