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The Munsters 2022 TV Fan Edit
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6-Oct-2022, 1:53 PM

I have completed a Fan Edit of the Reboot of “The Munsters 2022”, a V2 after first uploading V1 to everyone’s favorite organ to good feedback.

The Movie followed a family of monsters who moves from Transylvania to an American suburb.

Director Rob Zombie
Writers Rob ZombieNorm Liebmann
(based on characters developed by) Ed Haas(based on characters developed by)

Sheri Moon Zombie Jeff Daniel Phillips Daniel Roebuck

Oh boy where do you start with this abomination of a near 2hr movie, everyone wanted to love it but everyone hates it, including me!

Out of my love for the original I set about trying to salvage what I could of this and as a homage to the original, my idea was to turn this in a type of tv episode in Black and White with opening and closing credits as close to the original and place a laugh track in again like the original and add a bit of grain and scratches but only minimal and some replacement music.

Gone is 1hr and 5mins of trash and we are down to 44mins as an extended tv show.

There are hundreds of cuts here and to help me I used some original Munsters Movie soundtrack “Munster Go Home” to replace that horrible rock track and singing.

Next up was Hermans voice, to high pitched so I had to tone this down a tad with pitch shifter.

The laugh track was taken from a large selection of Hollywood laugh tracks placed in were needed to the cut movie, some new sound background effects, bats, wolfs, thunder, wind and a few others and lastly a Munsters font to help recreate the titles.

The basic story of the movie is still there, Lily wants love, Herman created, Lily finds Herman and they fall in love, Lose the Castle, Move to Mockingbird Lane… The end

V2 corrects a spelling mistake in the opening credits and slightly lowers the volume at the beginning, a new fade in at the beginning and a quick sound edit to it’s alive sound bite.

I will share for limited time via my private onedrive if interested drop me a DM