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Help wanted: Walter Hill movies (original color timing)
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5-Oct-2022, 4:18 PM

This is just a mild, not-remotely-definitive reply for you. I don’t have any LDs, caps of them or anything, but I have the BD of The Driver, that I haven’t looked at in a long time. I opened it up in VDub and it generally looks like blanket teal was applied (as you’re rather saying/showing above). I did a quick try at overall cancelling the teal and the whole thing (well, what bits I bopped through) went from looking strange to much more natural…but this is the main reason I’m posting…

One exception was the car garage scene (with the orange Mercedes). That was still very teal, didn’t look at all like the DVD frame you have above, so that’s a mystery! My casual observation is most of the BD seems recoverable(ish) for a regrade except for the car garage scene. I can’t imagine getting colors like the DVD above without the quite elaborate technique of pulling chroma from another source to replace it in that scene (a technique currently outside my wheelhouse, but I’d love do be able to do it).

Sorry I don’t have anything more solid for you, but no reply after half a day so I figured I’d offer this FWIW.