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screams in the void
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What is Your Preferred Watch Order, and Which Versions (Fan edits/official releases)?
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27-Sep-2022, 7:18 PM
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27-Sep-2022, 7:20 PM
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screams in the void
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Hmmm , not sure I have a preferred order as it depends on my mood but I am currently thinking …

  1. Rogue One ,Blu Ray or dvd depending on which display I am watching on
  2. Star Wars , any theatrical version I currently have access to , Despecialized , GOUT , 92 Widescreen VHS
    3.The Empire Strikes Back , same sources as 2
    3.Vader’s Memories Fan edit , but stop right before the credits roll as the cabana music is out of place with the dark electronic score used throughout the movie …
    4.Return Of The Jedi , same sources as 2 and 3
    5.The Force Awakens Blu Ray or DVD depending on which display I am watching on
    6.Solo A Star Wars Story dvd or blu ray
    7.The Last Jedi ,dvd or blu ray
    8.This motion comic which uses the comic art by fan comics artist Andrew Winegarner and the fan audio drama /script reading of the Duel Of The Fates script by Colin Treverrow …

I will probably put Andor at the beginning when the show is complete .May even wait until then to do this watch order .