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DVD ripper recommendations?
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27-Sep-2022, 1:09 AM

Yay, glad it worked out for you!

Now, I just have 24 more disks to rip (for the 3rd time), then replace my old rips with the new ones in my projects and hopefully I should be golden!

Hopefully all your replacing those Teletubbies and Care Bears episode VOBs for your epic edit will go smoothly because I can’t wait for this! Yeah, I’ve long hoped that someone would do something like the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy but with Dipsy, Proud Heart Cat, Po and Lotsa Heart Elephant leading a perilous journey to the Baby in the Sun (instead of Mordor). This is going to be awesome! But my big advice for your edit is to tone down the katana fight between Professor Coldheart and Tinky-Winky. It’s just way too gory in the original. I hate censorship, but we really don’t need to see that scene of Tinky trying to catch his intestines in his purse. Yuckipoo to that!

(J/k everyone!…unless my random jokiness just happens to really be what this mystery edit is 😃)