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Is the idea of Criterion putting the OT out on BR or 4K such a far-fetched concept now?
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20-Sep-2022, 4:33 PM

I am really hoping Disney licenses the work out. I have little to no confidence that they will treat the star wars franchise properly. I don’t know if it is a “we don’t want to spend time/resources/money” on making decent releases, or if it simply laziness on their part. The fact is they DO have all the archive materials and resources to make the pent-ultimate release, and for whatever the reason may be, they are sitting on it. I really don’t buy into the “it’s George’s wishes to keep it buried” idea. He sold lock, stock and barrel. Disney is out to make money on that investment. But who really knows.

It seems that with Disney lately, the MO is quick turn-around, minimal effort for maximized profits. The 2019 Star Wars sets screams of said MO. I have no way to track how well the “skywalker saga” sets sold, but I wonder why anyone would buy something that offered little to no real value over what was previously available.

I mentioned this on another thread, but I personally feel that if disney were to release star wars (again), it would HAVE TO BE something of significance. The market has already been saturated for nearly twenty years with releases of sub-par DVDs, Blu Ray, and now UHDs. Disney must realize that they have beaten this horse to death already. They are at the bottom of the barrel. I can literally see no other thing they can do but to release the original unaltered trilogy, in a manner fitting of a properly scanned and mastered-to-perfection UHD/Blu Ray.

Somewhere at disney I hope someone is weighing this out. They must know of the 4k77, 4k83 and soon to be released 4k80 projects, and how they are highly prized by (perhaps a small number, who knows) fans of the series. It may be a small market, but let’s be honest… the market for the SE might not be a market anymore somewhere down the road.