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Return of the Jedi Renewed (released)
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14-Sep-2022, 12:51 PM
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14-Sep-2022, 12:53 PM
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PresidentDVD said:

Hello, I have been following this edit for some time. I would like to ask a question, though: is the change list completely accurate as to the current state of the edit or has it been altered?

It’s been slightly altered. As soon as possible I’ll update the changelist 😉

kg1977 said:

Wow…Some really nice visuals here. Version I’m going for is an extended, but waiting for Adywan’s a base or what you have here for scenes might be benchmark. This one is really a standout for improvement we’ve been waiting for. I never thought removing Vader from the opening, but looking now it is repetitive to have them both. I think it helps the pacing better to start with the emperor. I think the best FX additions are the ones that are less noticeable or continuity fixes (Luke hologram stands out as an example). Anyway nice work!

Thank you! I myself consider this edit as something to watch while waiting for Adywan’s (which will be miles better than this one).

G&G-Fan said:

I really don’t see how it improves the pacing. If anything I’d say it has a negative effect on it. You spend way too much time away from the main villains to the point where you start to wonder what’s going on with them. The way it is in the final movie is perfect. You’re shown what the villains are doing, and then after the first sequence with the heroes we are updated with the status of the villains.

Plus the Vader scene is great and helps give build up to the Emperor’s arrival.

No problem. Personal taste is always arguable. I always thought that the Vader’s scene is useless, considering that all info can be stated in the opening crawl, and that all he does is saying that the Emperor is coming. I also disliked how Vader’s mask looks almost out of focus in close shots… it’s always been jarring to me. Finally, I believe the first act of the movie has some pacing issues: anything that can speed up things is a welcomed change to me. And remember that I’d like this edit to be watched as the sixth movie of the saga, not just the third movie of the OT: by this point, we already know who Palpatine is.
But again, personal taste is personal taste.