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11-Sep-2022, 5:43 PM
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Here’s one: I don’t think Dave Filoni is “saving Star Wars”.

Rebels was his birthchild and it was very well done. He also was a good fit as Supervising Director on Clone Wars I feel. But going into Clone Wars S7 and beyond I’ve had trouble connecting to anything he’s been a part of.

Mandalorian started off pretty decent, though I don’t enjoy his take on Mandalorians (mostly because he tried bringing over elements of EU Mandos, which I also am not crazy about.) Season Two was a bumpy ride but still enjoyable for the most part, the abundance of grand cameos took me out of it.

The final season of Clone Wars was disastrous I thought, and completely took Ahsoka’s character off the rails. Its the small things about how she is portrayed I don’t like there. She acts hypocritically and the way the episodes are edited and planned out make her look like she’s always in the right, with no consequences or realization either.

And while he wasn’t the prime director on stuff like Boba Fett, his influence over these side projects and the MCU-like nature of the “Mando-verse” is something I am strongly against and I’ve already clocked out of these series.

But here’s the thing, I’m not trying to “hate” on him or whatever. I do think he is a very talented and creative individual who cares deeply about the stories, characters and fans. I just disagree with his vision most times and his stuff just isn’t for me and that’s okay.

There’s always going to be different types of stories for different people. I love Solo. I love Visions. I thought Fallen Order was excellent. There are things like Rogue Squadron that I am looking forward to.