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Guardian of the Force (an Obi-Wan movie edit)
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3-Sep-2022, 7:03 PM

Having never seen the show or its other edits before, I just watched this and liked it a lot!

I had only read bad things about the show, but if that’s the case then you did a great job with the source material. It feels like a movie and the pace is just right. Proficiently put together as well.

I did think the audio was a bit muffled, specially at the beginning, and the image is quite soft (I watched the ~7GB upscaled file).

Other than some nitpicking, my main gripes with the cut itself would be:

  • The musical score is VERY lacking. Not completely throughout, but in most dramatic and tenseful moments it screams “generic youtube channel epic trailer music”. I wonder how much work would be to rescore the cut with some varied SW music, it’d certainly improve it;
  • The Grand Inquisitor, what a cringe worthy fellow. Looks like a Power Rangers crossover or something. Couldn’t he remain dead for the rest of the film? Or is he vital to some continuity? I hope not;
  • Some videogamey moments that I think the cut would be better off without (Vader suiting-up, Vader force-pulling the ship);
  • The final showdown between Vader and Obi-Wan could be even more streamlined, perhaps? Specifically when Vader buries Obi-Wan and later when Obi force-push rocks at Vader, also look very videogamey and could be cut from the fight with it being resumed seamlessly - with the only downside of Vader being inexplicably weakened to the point of defeat.

What do you think?

Thanks again for sharing and the work you put into it.