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Harry Potter: Enhanced Editions (Audiobooks) (Released)
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1-Sep-2022, 8:08 PM
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1-Sep-2022, 8:11 PM
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Great work really. If you want my 2 cents for any future project like this (don’t take any offense because I am absolutely not an editor like you are and english is not my mother tongue) :

The best parts are when you added background noise that matches the environment, it frees the imagination from having to work on setting up the scene, so that the mind can focus on exactly what’s happening. For instance, when you add rain in the background when JKR writes it’s raining/bad weather, it sets the tone. It’s really great and relaxing. Privet drive street sounds are great too (like the distant lawn mowing). Also chimney fires are great. Some sounds give an ASMR kind of effect, it’s really immersive, really good choices. I look forward to how you are going to render the last book, and the chapters during which they reside under a tent.

Some looped music can be quite unnerving, the worst example is chapter 32 of The Order of the Phoenix (Out of the fire). I had to replace that file with the original because it’s just too annoying, even if it’s the music from the exact movie scene. It’s too loud sometimes too. Same thing for the first chapter of Prisoner of Azkaban when the trip to Egypt of the Weasleys is narrated.

One last thing maybe: even if it’s part of the Universe, the random owl sounds can be quite out of place and surprising when immersed in the story and ambiance you enriched. Similarly, some other effects relate exactly to the story in a way that makes them redundant to our own imagination and prevent us from relaxing into the ambience. For example, some door knocking sounds : we imagine these because they are announced by the narrator so we don’t need to hear them too as a sound effect, contrary to the continuous background ambiance that you give depth to. You prevent us from forgetting the description of the scene when you take care of the general ambience and you provide more immersion with some special effects for the most unusual sounds, there is simply this slight redundance sometimes a bit.

By the way, some voice effects are not from the original files if i remember correctly, and these are a fantastic improvement too.

It must have been really difficult to reach that level of quality. Amazing in any case.

Best regards,

PS: I could not find your discord ?