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Superweapon VII
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Anakin's Force Ghost
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30-Aug-2022, 1:46 AM

Darth Malgus said:

SparkySywer said:

Darth Malgus said:

I heard all the reasons about Hayden and the Redeeming nonsense created his ghost to become young again lol,

Shaw is a bad choice as well to be honest, since Anakin/Vader died at 45

Anakin/Vader only died at 45 after the prequels made him so young. Shaw was a perfectly fine choice in 1983.

Yes, but we’re no longer in 1983. Like it or not, there are other films now, and we must see things in a more united context. Ghost Shaw worked well in 1983, but It doesn’t anymore.

True — if you accept the PT as valid. If you don’t…

But like I said before, it should’ve always been Prowse.