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Icons Unearthed - new 6 part documentary on the OT (VICE)
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12-Aug-2022, 11:03 AM

I’d love to hear more about how, why and when they got Marcia Lucas to speak. It’s been something I’ve wanted to see done for over a decade and I’ve been very pleased that her side of the story was told with this series. I’m a firm believer in the three sides of the truth (your truth, my truth and the truth) and I’ve always felt that I couldn’t rely on George’s version of the truth.

SPOILER for the last episode, but Marcia mentions how heartbreaking it was for her to look in the index of a Lucasfilm book at a store and discover she was only mentioned ONCE. I also felt for Marcia when she mentioned how she cried in her car after seeing Episode I. She could have been maniacal and say how those prequels proved how much her input improved the original trilogy (especially when she had to be brought in to fix Jedi), but instead she expressed remorse at how she couldn’t have contributed, not as the creator’s wife, but as a valued calibrator. Lucas still brought back key players of the original trilogy to work on the prequels and Marcia really should have been high on that list. Also to nearly discredit her role in making those films makes George more petty as he’s appeared.