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Crombi Fengpeng
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re-'balancing' audio of a fan edit
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9-Aug-2022, 4:54 PM

I’ve come across a fan edit for the PT for a 3-in-1 movie that looks good, but the dialogue is too quiet and some sound fx are too loud. I came across it on reddit while googling etc. and as far as I can tell wasn’t posted here and can’t tell if the editor is active here, but they were last active on their reddit account a year ago so I assume they no longer use it and haven’t attempted to reach out to them there.

There’s another 3-in-1 PT edit released around the same time that has the same title that’s been posted on here and the editor is active and I’ve already reached out to him assuming it was the same guy and confirmed it’s not and the edit i’m asking about isn’t his.

I’ve not linked the reddit thread or the edit here as I’m not a regular here and don’t know if there are any rules re: distributing/advertising work is my own (and from what I’ve seen we shouldn’t be linking to edits direct from here in any case).

In the reddit thread, someone gives advice that you can rebalance (don’t know if that’s a technical term) the audio in premier/audition (steps from the reddit comment are pasted below). I’m not an editor and have only got access to imovie (and don’t know how to use it in any case). I reached out to a guy who runs a mac yt channel/site to ask if what the redditor advising to to do in audition is possible in imovie and he confirmed it’s not.

So what I’m looking to know is, what would be the easiest way of doing it? If it’s otherwise straight forward and not time consuming (if it’s supposed to be an automatic adjustment after all), would anyone be willing to re-up load it with a re-balance audio if that is both possible and quick and easy?

Another issue identified by a different commenter on the reddit thread is that the audio is noticeably out of sync with the video, but I believe this should be fixable in imovie (not 100% sure if you can adjust by milliseconds yet though but i assume you can).

They also comment on the broader sound issues which I’ll paste here with the other commenter’s adobe instructions as they likely both express it much better than i would (I’ve not watched the edit yet only skipped through a few bits to test the sound, am waiting to hopefully be able to sort the audio out before giving it a proper watch):

“The audio is somewhere between 175ms to 225ms delayed and words do not line up with the mouth movements of the characters. Its not incredibly bad however, as it did take us 10 minutes to notice the error. Thankfully, we could just put a negative delay on the audio of -200ms to bring it in line with the video […] The other issue being that occasionally, the bass becomes a bit overbearing and drowns out some of the audio. This is mostly only noticeable in the shots depicting starcrafts landing or taking off. It gives weight to the ships, but its just slightly overbearing (there is also a bit of visual stutter toward the end of the second and third acts).”

"You can pull it into premiere and push it through audition to balance and level everything.

Select the Sequence in the Project, right click and choose “Edit in Adobe Audition > Sequence”.

in audition,

effects - match volume

select all files

drag into match volume

rms or peak amp

use limiting

click run"

One other comments that might be helpful if anyone ends up looking at this:

“Is there anything you/I can do to balance the audio? I had to crank my speakers to hear dialogue and the hyperspace jump at 14:30 nearly blew my speakers out”

The editor was responsive in the thread and indicated he’d be tinkering with it for a revised version but assume it never happened.

Any thoughts/input appreciated!