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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Consistency Edition (V4 Released. Finalized. IFDB Approved.)
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7-Aug-2022, 5:03 PM

Hi Revan. I watch your edit and I really like the ideas. The new beginning suggest that Snokes Thronroom is on Mustafar and I really like the idea. The short talk between Snoke and Hux suggest that he gives Hux the Order to attack the Rebel base. Hux is now much more competent. I love that new beginning. As Luke talk about his encounter with Ben, I love the idea with the vision of Palpatine, what triggers Luke’s lightsaber ignition. And the shot of Vaders Castle, before we see Ben and Reys first force connection is really cool. Cut the whole Chase, Holdo and Rose. But I missed Finn a little bit. His sacrifice on Crait (whitout the kiss) is a really strong scene, but I don’t sure if it works whitout Finns Arc in the film. That makes me a little bit sad. A little problem is the Wayfinder scene on Mustafar. If this is Snokes planet, why he must conquer Mustafar and why he find the Wayfinder. Episode 9 don’t explain that, but in the context of your edit is it a little problem for me. Your explanation with the locals fits not for me. But I like the edit and the ideas.