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Mando EP3: A New Path (A Book of Boba Fett Edit) [RELEASED]
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5-Aug-2022, 9:30 PM

@smudger9 I finished your edit and it was pretty great! its amazing how editing can really making a meandering story a lot more compelling haha. Overall i think its a pretty solid effort and i appreciate the time put into it. If you want some feedback i have a few things that i thought might be tightened up a bit!:

-like @g00b pointed out the fighter flight transition to fennec is a tad weird feeling. i think its actually because the triumphant nature of the launch into space is very abruptly cut short when he lands again. i think it would do the scene a lot of good to see him flying through space and even putting the scene back where he flies past the kid in the shuttle. I know that part of the scene is used later to show him leaving to see luke but i think it would do the other scene a lot of good. speaking of…
-like you mentioned, it might be better to excise the whole luke part entirely and add it onto the season 3 edit instead for mando. it doesnt belong at all narratively the way the current movie edit works and feels like some over extended epilogue. it also creates problems when you see grogus choice, which is supposed to be a big deal, smash cuts to him in the back seat which comes off much more comedic then maybe it should feel. it felt dramatically cheap i guess
-the final climax spend a tad too much time too with the mods and the free town people i think for what they have been built up to be in these current edit, it makes it last a bit too long i feel and the pacing ends up being off
-finally the last point i felt is that some of the flashbacks maybe should be added back, and this is really personal and i know you mentioned debating on doing that or not. if you remove the luke scenes and less climax scenes that frees up a lot of time i feel. but boba steeling his ship back and blowing up the sarlac and then the biker gang are such good beats it feels like a waste not to have them in, but for pacing if it doesnt work i understand. maybe doing it in montage form could help? also it feels like there wasnt enough time with the tuskins really to justify even spending some time with them in the flashbacks, maybe more scenes of them bonding like the train scene could help but it feels like something is missing still with them.
-as a minor quibble too, the fight scene between boba and fennec and the red shield guys is still incredibly goofy, that could be tightened up a bit to be faster paced and cooler and less clunky from the original episode

Anyways, i hope these points dont come off overly critical because i didnt spend a whole lot of time praising the rest of the work which i think was very very good. it made these few points stand out more since the rest was very well done! im guessing youve already considered most of these points anyways, but it doesnt hurt to bring them up i hope!