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A few reviews . . (film or TV)
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5-Aug-2022, 10:06 AM

The Pace That Kills! - 1928 - 6/10

Ma sends Eddie off to the wicked big city to hunt for his older sister, gone a year now.
He lands a job at the department store and catches the eye of co-worker Fannie.
When Eddie complains of a headache, she has just the thing. Headache powder.
One sniff and, Wowza, I’ve got lots of energy!
Fannie takes him to a high class nightclub, stiffens his drink with a splash from her thigh flask.
Later at the private party, she lights up a king sized smoke and gives him a big old drag.
By now, Eddie’s head is swirling so fast, he doesn’t realize Fannie is pulling the pickle into the petals.
My God, this creaky Silent is a lot of fun!
Of course, it’s a stern warning to all “country boys” about the sinful city, easy women, and drugs.
I’d be on the next bus in a heartbeat.
Remade as Cocaine Fiends (1935), this earlier version has better actors, higher production values, superior editing.