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5-Aug-2022, 1:04 AM

screams in the void said:

Random thought / observation …nearly every prequel rewrite or idea I come across still uses characters that were created for the movies that came out between 1999 and 2005 . Darth Maul , Grievous , Dooku , Qui Gon, etc . Be nice to see a rewrite or idea using original characters as well as the ones from the OT that would logically carry over …

I had an involved outline for a prequel trilogy that used only original and OT characters, but which coexisted in the same continuity as the Lucas Prequels.

The first one is set between Episodes 2 and 3 and follows a family of scrap merchants scrounging material from Clone Wars battles. A young woman from this family finds a stasis pod among the wreckage and takes it on board, only to realize that inside the pod is an injured Anakin Skywalker. He communicates through the Force with our hero throughout the film, which is a self-contained tale set on the ship as she works to evade evil droids bent on destroying the injured Jedi. Though these trials she gains the confidence to become a pilot like Anakin.

The second story is set during the events of Episode 3 and tells of the young woman who has finally achieved her dream of becoming a pilot and serving under a Jedi Master in the wars. She forms a close bond with this original character, but when Order 66 comes down the line he is shot down and despite her best efforts he dies. The war is over, but she is now even more lost than she was before.

The final story happens in the aftermath of Episode 3 and details the rise of the Empire. The young woman finds her family again and together they form an underground movement led by certain Jedi in hiding and aided by droids from the Separatists whom they managed to protect. There is an assassin droid among them and it has a detailed plan to destroy the new Emperor. They go along with this plan, initiating the final battle of the Clone Wars, though it fails and they evacuate under fire. She is chased by a figure in a sleek Imperial fighter who calls himself Darth Vader. She recognizes that this is the same Anakin Skywalker that helped her years ago and he senses her as well. She leads him on a merry chase and manages to evade him through techniques he had taught her, eventually leading the entire cell back underground to join with the growing Rebel Alliance and fight this new war among the stars…