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Star Wars: The Last Skywalker Awakens - A sequel trilogy "mega-edit" (RELEASED)
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4-Aug-2022, 7:39 PM

PM received with thanks ghost 😃

Just finished Part I … and its a job very well done; a brilliantly executed edit of the narrative delivering a satisfying movie experience. If I was pressed to give your Part I its own subtitle (while paying homage to / significantly ripping off another space opera franchise) then I would have to call it “The Search for Skywalker”…its how the film opens, what drives Kylo and Rey [+ Rebel Fleet + First Order] forward throughout while dealing with respective absentee parents, and when Rey finally finds him at Ach-To, we follow Luke eventually having to find himself (again).

I was of the camp that felt Abrams’ TFA was too derivative of the originals, while appreciating RJ’s attempt to open up the lore and mythos with TLJ. And I kinda feel now that TSLA Part I goes a long way to bridging that divide, and is the transition movie I’d been waiting for; finely balancing the old guard (essentially Han Act 1, Leia Act II, Luke Act III), and more successful in introducing and passing the baton to the new (Rey, Finn, Poe). Removal of the Starkiller base trash gets a big thumbs up; didn’t miss the Caretakers; enough humour peppered throughout. I was curious from the outset where Part I might finish, and now having watched it, I could not think of a better place! Everything is up for grabs!

So, again, great job ghost; excited to get into Part II!