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screams in the void
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Icons Unearthed - new 6 part documentary on the OT (VICE)
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29-Jul-2022, 2:08 AM
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29-Jul-2022, 2:11 AM
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screams in the void
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benduwan said:

can someone upload this?can´t watch it…😦

The first episode is now on youtube , here you go … also , if you go to the Vice TV website and look under shows , you can view the other 2 episodes there , just choose the free pass option , which gives you 30 minutes viewing time . I know the episodes are a bit longer but you get up to 3 free passes and you don’t have to sign up . The way I did it was to watch 30 minutes of an episode and then use another pass and forward the video to where I left off . Did this on separate days for each episode . I am guessing the other 2 episodes will be on youtube in the first and last part of August as well . I am enjoying it for the most part , even if the editing style of this documentary series is too over the top , Hokey and Tabloidish . That ironic humor cliche of cutting back and forth using short clips of the films for " witty " effect is way overdone these days in my opinion and I roll my eyes whenever I encounter it . I do like that there is more unseen footage and artwork snippets being shown though and between this and the ILM documentary on Disney Plus , it seems like we are getting more of the complete story on the making of the films . The Disney documentary series does the "witty " editing cliche a bit too , but the Vice series beats you over the head with it . I also didn’t appreciate how they delved into Carrie Fisher’s drug problems in the Empire episode of the Vice series either …I feel it was inappropriate and unnecessary . The Vice series needs to tone it down as the tone reads as, " Look , oh my ! such a scandal ! " I think a lot of that is down to the narrator .In spite of all that , I still think it is worth watching for the interviews with the creators of the OT and previously unknown info .