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The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)
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26-Jul-2022, 9:14 PM

Not much to report lately. I’ve had this on the back burner while working on some other projects, but the plan for everything in V2 is rather straightforward (unlike V1) so it should come together fairly quickly once I get back to working on it.

Eddie has provided new lines for the Resistance officer and I have a plan for the trooper dialogue concerning Hangar 718. I’m contemplating a change to TR-8R’s dialogue as well in order to jump start Finn’s concern about Starkiller base, but that would depend on whether axlanian would be willing to entertain the idea; I’m happy with the existing dialogue in either case.

Then of course there’s the visual effects side of the workload, and that will probably be the biggest bottleneck.

So that’s where the project stands. I will announce when there’s something to show 😃

hero said:

Just got done watching this edit - WOW. Superb work. Genuinely a good film. Really enjoyed the additional restructuring and edits you made - bravo. Somehow the characterisations work so much better.
This is 100% the to version of the film now for me.

Thank you!