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Blade Runner 2049: The "EYE-MAX" Edition
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26-Jul-2022, 5:02 AM


Blade Runner 2049: EYE-MAX Edition

What is this edit?
This edit combines the 2.39:1 Bluray home release of Blade Runner 2049 with certain scenes from the 16:9 “open matte” version of the film, with the intention of giving home viewers a taste of the “IMAX experience”

Why make this?
While some of the panoramic exteriors and spectacular action scenes benefit hugely from the expanded aspect ratio, much of the rest of the film is better suited to widescreen format (Deakins and Villeneuve tend to agree on this).

Is this just the “open matte” version of the film?
No, only certain scenes are extended to 16:9, mainly the larger-scale action scenes, as well as some some brief exterior sequences.

Are any other edits made to the film?
No changes have been made to the runtime or edit of the film.

A full list of extended-frame scenes:

  • K approaches Sapper’s farm
  • K approaches the LAPD
  • K approaches Wallace headquarters
  • K and Joi journey into the San Diego junkyard
  • K approaches the Vegas hotel
  • The underground bring K back to LA
  • K pursues Luv and Deckard

Some example frames: