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OLD BEN: An Obi-Wan Kenobi Fan Edit [ON HOLD]
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18-Jul-2022, 11:43 PM
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19-Jul-2022, 11:35 AM
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INCREDIBLY ROUGH 30 min of what I was describing.

(pls hold off if you’re waiting for a full cut)

Temp music, some rogue frames, unfinished sound effects, particularly towards the end - but that’s the structure! I’m trying to re-center the whole thing on Obi-Wan/Anakin - everything progresses from their personal regrets about the relationship. I think I’ve more or less kept it very tightly focused on that emotional throughline.

I think it feels pretty good for the most part. I can start polishing it, finding the right music, filling in missing sfx, rethinking which shots/dialogue to use, etc. I plan on integrating Reva’s scolding by the GI (w/o the Imperial Senator’s daughter stuff) after this as a way to properly introduce her - but other than that - it should start being a little more straightforward as an edit. There’ll be little more freedom and wiggle room for creativity at least

Thoughts on some superficial presentation things:

Will probably reinstate the fade-in and change the sequencing of logos/titles? The abrupt opening thing (RO-inspired) in this draft was just my go at being if even a tiny bit more “Star Warsy” as per some people’s notes, but I think the fade-in works better for what I’m going for. And I realize some people giving notes are just wish listing their ideal edit regardless of what I’m trying to do, so I should try to parse stuff like that out better.

With the opening logos, I wanna try to do something even more different maybe? I liked Spence’s classic logos thing, but maybe I can take it a step further and even have some preliminary text, things like IN ASSOCIATION WITH DISNEY, A DEBORAH CHOW FILM, etc. or something, just to feel a bit more cinematic. Maybe place ALTAIAGFFA where the title used to be to maintain the short cold open. And of course I’m going make my own OLD BEN title graphic.