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The Kenobi Movie Show (Spoilers)
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18-Jul-2022, 7:16 PM

My film began with Vader taking on five Jedi at once and killing all of them, you know, so it established that he is the big Jedi killer. The Inquisitors are capturing them, but Vader is the big daddy who comes in and just lays waste to any Jedi all while hunting Kenobi.”

“In mine, Vader won the fight. They were fighting on this space station. It was falling apart in the atmosphere of this big planet and Obi-Wan basically fell off. Vader pushed him off and they separated. They didn’t get the chance to find Obi-Wan, basically. But what was going through Obi-Wan’s mind is the same thing which is, ‘My brother is truly dead. He’s gone. And while I absolve of that guilt because I didn’t kill him, Vader killed him, I’m still just devastated. I’m absolutely devastated.’”

“In mine, he really did believe that Kenobi was dead at the end, which was the thing that allowed him to finally let Kenobi go and focus on ruling the galaxy with an iron fist. Because it always seemed that in [A New Hope] he was shocked when he was like ‘I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since…’ Why do you stop talking to yourself? It’s because you’re that shocked, you know?”

Sounds like a lot of missed opportunities.

I think I also prefer the standalone film format rather than series which are broken and up and much longer, so I may be biased in favor of Kenobi the “planned film” over Kenobi the “streaming service limited series.”

Either way, it’ll be another one of those things where what happened happened, and those like us who didn’t enjoy it just move on to other projects. (I’m trying to express my opinions and not be labeled a “hater” about anything. Internet discourse is weird.)