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Icons Unearthed - new 6 part documentary on the OT (VICE)
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15-Jul-2022, 1:40 PM
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G&G-Fan said:

adywan said:

How is it an anti Lucas conspiracy theory when it comes direct from the mouth of Marcia Lucas. You know, the person who was married to him and actually worked on the film as an editor? God, Lucas worshippers really don’t like facts that go against him being some sort of infallible god, do they. 😉

I’m sorry that you don’t like the fact that i posted about a section that is in a documentary. I didn’t even post anything other than what is mentioned in this documentary, yet you felt it necessary to reply to what i wrote like that? Jeez

Because you know it’s impossible for people to lie. Or for documentaries to be faulty. As shown with one of the most beautiful, informative, and factual documentaries of all time, Ancient Aliens.

You do realize Paul Hersch literally wrote a book basically saying crediting himself for every important editing choice even contradicting a ton of other people’s accounts (even taking credit for things that were supposedly Marcia)? But nooooooooooooooooooo, Hersch said it, so it’s fact. It’s almost like it makes sense that someone who was involved with an incredibly popular movie would want to claim that many iconic things came from them even if it’s not true. They want the credit for themselves. It’s almost like it also makes sense for someone to be bitter towards their ex who chose movies over them.

You say it out loud and it sounds ridiculous. It doesn’t make any sense. First of all Lucas was very passionate about the force as a concept. DePalma just criticized anything that wasn’t realistic (also having said “Where’s the blood when they shoot people?”) so of course George didn’t listen to him. Otherwise why wasn’t he scrambling to add blood to all the shooting scenes? And second, how tf could she add things back he deleted behind his back without him knowing? Like what, when Lucas saw it in theaters was he like “OMG who added the references to the force back?! What happened?! Oh no how did my movie end up this way?!”. How would that even be possible? He would’ve watched it several times before it released, and he would make sure everything was according to how he wanted it. He was an editor for the film himself. He supervised the editing for the film every step of the way. You can’t say, “If George wanted Greedo to shoot first he would’ve done it then” only to say “George accidentally let his wife keep something in the movie that he wanted out and it somehow got into theaters and that’s how we got the force”. That makes no sense whatsoever. If George didn’t want it in the movie it wouldn’t have ended up in theaters.

It makes no sense if you think about it for three seconds, but sure, credit Marcia Lucas for the force instead of George.

FFS, nowhere did i say that Marcia put the footage back in and George didn’t notice and not once did i credit marcia with the force. I just watched the doc again and it’s not actually Marcia that says george Started taking some mentions of the force out of the movie, most notably when Han tells Luke " May the force be with you" in the Yavin hangar, it’s Howard Kazanjian. Marcia says that when she saw the next screening , she noticed he had cut the force out in a couple of places, and then its said by Howard that she added these cuts back in. George got cold feet and worried after what his friend, who he respected, had told him after the screening. He had a wobble, nothing more. It’s not some great conspiracy theory against George. He respected Marcia’s opinion on things. He listened. They were a great team.

And using "Ancient Aliens " as an example of inaccurate docs? Really?

I didn’t bother with Paul’s book because of the amount of inaccuracies in it. Things that were widely know through various multiple sources and not just from one man.

You know full well George has changed his story throughout the years on the making of these films that contradict what actual proof we have an also from multiple accounts from the people who worked on the films, but you seem to only want to believe things that come out of George’s mouth and consider anyone’s accounts that don’t tow the "George " line as nothing more than people wanting to take credit for George’s work and from bitter people.

I’m done with this argument. I don’t see why you felt the need to be so rude toward what i said when i was just repeating what was relayed in this documentary episode. But you kind of proved my original jokey point when i said that Lucas Worshipers wouldn’t be happy with this doc. I only talk about one small section of the second episode and you blow up toward me for no reason.

digitalfreaknyc said:

adywan said:

Even though they claim this is the first interview Marcia has done for years, she did do on screen interviews for the ILM anniversary screening.

Yeah but who saw that? That wasn’t public and it wasn’t part of something mass-market…unless it aired or is able to be viewed somewhere publicly.

There were many interviews done for this event and they were all posted online right after the event took place. A few sites picked up on the interviews after they were released