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Darth Caliban
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Do these missing scenes actually exist?
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12-Jul-2022, 7:53 AM
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Darth Caliban
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I read the following article many years ago, there are some interesting mentions about an early trailer for ROTJ:

Quote: “There is at least one more “early ROTJ” trailer then what was included on [Definitive Collection] discs, one shown during a re-release of “Star Wars” between the release of “TESB” and “ROTJ.” It featured a glowing chain around Vader’s neck (possibly just highly reflective) and had Vader and Luke within some kind of ancient Greek-like structure. [I saw it] as part of a tape with various “SW” related items on it. Until then all I had was a [memory of seeing it] with my parents just before a re-release of “SW” (I wish I could remember the date, or for that matter the year). It’s one of the few memories I have of seeing “Star Wars” in theaters that hasn’t been corrupted by time on the Internet (i.e., “Hey, I think I remember that scene too…” variety) It must have been pretty darn rare, as I have yet to see anyone else mention it.”

Also remember reading an article either in 1993 or 1994, in a german scifi, horror and fantasy movie magazine named Moviestar that there is a cut scene in ESB with Luke fighting inside an AT-AT during the battle of Hoth and that footage about Leia and Han’s wedding was filmed for ROTJ.

Wonder if there is actually some truth about these claims and if these things may actually lay still undiscovered in the archives of Lucasfilm.

Maybe like it was the case with the rough cut for Star Wars…